About us

Nanie Isccuit's collections

The publishing house

Specializing in literature for youngsters, mixing simple stories for the very youngest through to novels for pre-teens, « Les Sentes » was set up in October 2008.
Our publishing house, based on quality,  focusses on the harmony within its team to create consistent stories, to awaken children's curiosity, giving them the pleasure of reading and introducing them to a foreign language.



The Team
With one author, Nanie Iscuit, one Japanese illustrator, Tomoko Kitagawa, and one English translator, Judith Barbouche the team presents a core united in its desire  for creative and cultural challenges.



The philosophy

While pictures are essential in children's story books, « Les Sentes » also pays attention to the content : be it didactic, educational, detailed or narrative.
The world of Nanie Iscuit will always maintain this editorial policy highlighting friendship and family values which are essential to us.  We feel that a book must bring the reader into a world of dreams and reflection.



The Collections

« Les Sentes » introduces 5 collections for 5 groups of children ; from 3 to 9 / 10 year olds with different and endearing characters in each collection.




• To encourage children and adults to get together in a cultural activity : reading.

• To make children sensitive to drawings tainted with humour and refreshing texts.
• To arouse liveliness, understanding, creativeness and critical thinking from children.
• To gently encourage certain values.
• To keep the reader's attention.

• To create a certain complicity between the reader and Nanie Iscuit; after all there is a real Grandmother behind the virtual and universal Nanie !
• Enjoy reading for pleasure whilst reading purposes.
• To introduce the child to the practice of a foreign language.